Public relations is about much more than making yourself, or your brand look good. According to Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, public relations is about keeping an open – and profitable – line of communication going with your growing customer base.

But, if your market does not understand what you can offer them, chances are they are not going to react to your marketing messages. Properly crafted and executed public relations can help bridge the gap between getting the message out and helping your market understand the message.

The bottom line with anything being sold, is that you want your customers to enjoy it … and then want more.

But, if your market does not fully understand why they need your product, they will end up buying something else. Torossian says there are two key points in that sentence.

#1 – Understanding the need

Your customers likely need what you have to offer. But, they won’t buy it from you unless you can make them understand and then act on that need. Both of these dynamics, the understanding and the compulsion to act, are cultivated in the message. While marketing sets the stage, public relations can be the force that gets the ball rolling.

#2 – The certainty of purchase

Customers are going to buy from someone. But they may not buy your version, and they may not buy from you at all, if you fail to deliver the proper level of PR messaging. After all, why should they choose you over all your other competitors? Are you more trustworthy? Is your product better, more reliable, a greater value? How will they know? Certainly not because you told them. That’s advertising.

Torossian says public relations is all about establishing, and building the right reputation. It’s about teaching the marketplace who you are, and why you are special. Keeping them curious, interested, and aware. Earning their trust before you have actually earned it … and then following through. Without reputation, your brand will always be just another product on the shelf.

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