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Given how consumers are becoming more digital and are demanding more authentic relationships with the brands they love, the value of social media for C-level executives has never been important. From elevating their personal brands to cultivating business relationships to sharing their unique voices with consumers, employees and industry peers, senior executives are finding innovative ways to increase their online visibility and drive engagement.

Become a Thought Leader in The Digital Space

According to a 2015 CEO.com report, 61% of CEOs have no social presence whatsoever. This statistic reveals the missed opportunities for senior executives to connect with their target audiences, establish their industry expertise, inspire employees and build online relationships with thought leaders, influencers and members of the media.

To become executive thought leaders, C-Suite professionals must understand the nuances of social channels and implement digital strategies to build their network of followers. In order to achieve this, senior executives need to have a strong content and community management strategy in place to build both their personal and corporate brands.

In a world where brand authenticity matters, senior executives must find their unique voice and tone. They must also determine how often to post, the best way to respond to comments, when to take action and what topics they should write about. Those C-Suite executives who regularly create quality content and take the time out to respond to their followers, will not only attract and engage their target audiences, but will also raise their company’s brand awareness and affinity.

Inspire Employees at All Levels of Your Organization

Today, more and more C-Suite professionals are using social media to inspire employee engagement.  From communicating directly with their employees in real-time to seeking ideas and feedback, many senior executives are turning to social media to boost employee morale, bridge the gap between employees and their companies and keep employees informed about brand and industry developments in compelling ways.

Social media is not only encouraging increased transparency in the workplace, but is also playing a role in creating a corporate culture where employees are interested and engaged, committed to success and are passionate about what they do. From video to blog posts to tweets, social media is helping C-Suite professionals give prospective employees, clients, the general public, and the media a glimpse into their personal brands and company cultures.

Cultivate Professional Relationships

For C-Suite executives who are interested in cultivating professional relationships with prospective employees, business partners, consumers and online influencers, social media offers unique opportunities to form connections that would otherwise be virtually impossible to sustain outside of the digital space.

Senior executives are using social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter to cultivate professional connections and nurture valuable partnerships based on shared business goals and interests. Many C-level professionals are also turning to social networks to recruit top talent, identify ideal clients, and find online influencers.

Today, the most successful senior executives realize the growing role social media is playing in business. As a result, many of them are adopting the technology to give their target audiences a more humanized view into their brand values, customer experience and company culture.


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