Don’t reinvent the wheel to stay engaged

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If you know anything about marketing and public relations on social media, you know this. Engagement is the key. I’m not talking about the sort of engagement that gives the ring and then never can quite make it to the wedding. I’m talking about relating to and with your fans in a meaningful way each and every day.

Social Media StrategyYep. Every day.

But what do I mean by meaningful. No, I don’t expect you to have deep, hour-long chats with your fans on a daily basis. They don’t have the time for that and neither do you. The point is to engage by GIVING them something to engage with each and every day.

George Takei Social Star Awards 2013
Star Trek veteran actor George Takai is a master of this. That man has given himself an entirely new career simply by using social media as it was intended to be used. With that in mind, here are a few of Ronn Torossian’s best social media tips to keep your fans engaged.

Torossian’s Monday tip

Post something inspiring. A great quote, funny meme, or endearing picture. Something, anything to put a smile on someone’s face. Monday is not the time for heavy content or deep thought. It’s MONDAY people. Give your fans something to laugh at over their morning coffee.

Torossian’s Tuesday tip

Tuesday is the day to get people engaged with what you are doing. Post something newsworthy that people can be proud of or connect with. A short video or short text post that helps people know what you are all about and motivates them to investigate more.

Torossian’s Wednesday tip

Wednesday is a terrific day to be useful. Post something worthy, interesting, or useful. It could be about your brand or just a general tip connected to what you do.

Torossian’s Thursday tip

Thursday is another day for company news, events, or excitement. It is also the perfect day to say “thank you” in a public way to your staff, volunteers, or vendors.

Torossian’s Friday tip

No matter what you post on Friday, do it well before noon. People check out after noon on Friday. They are thinking about the weekend, and unless you are their favorite nightspot, they could not care less what you have to say. However, if you ARE that nightspot, Friday is exactly the right time to capture people and bring them through your doors.

So there it is. Five days’ worth of content and you really only have to come up with original content for two of them. How cool is that!

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