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When looking for information around a new brand shoes or a new restaurant popping up in your area, what’s one of the first things you do? Find their Facebook / Twitter or Instagram page. Social media has become a default when getting a first glimpse of your business. How are you portraying yourself on social? Does it align to what your brand image is all about? Now more than ever, consumers are looking for access and information to fuel their purchase decisions and social media is part of that equation. If your business isn’t taking social media seriously, it’s time to work on your social strategy.

American Consumers Spend a Significant Amount of Time on Social Media Platforms

Whereas email was the norm for individuals to be spending their time on, we’ve arrived at the age where Internet users are spending three times as much time logged on to Facebook than their emails. Even communication has been replaced by Facebook chats and messages. When looking at this information, it’s crucial to see how imperative it is for your business to have even the bare bones of social media. It’s another way for fans to connect with you, speak to them as a whole or one to one and also a way for you to continue pushing out your brand messaging and bring that authenticity to the public eye.

60 Percent of American Consumers Create Reviews

According to a Nielsen report, roughly 60 percent of consumers with an account on social media create a product or service review. Word-of-mouth marketing has become a mixture of in person recommendations as well as social media posts. Businesses should be aware about what type of social chatter is being made about them and take it a step forward by thanking or rewarding those who take the time to leave positive reviews for them.

It Is a Good, Technical Decision

A social media presence allows your business to be more connected and also gives a place for your website and blog to live. This connectivity also allows for a brand’s content to live in a central hub, an essential component to a brand’s search engine optimization. The more put together you are on social, the more consumers will think your brand is a complete one they should add to their list of brands to try out.


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