Tree dazzlers want you to try something new this Christmas

If you are among the 25 million Americans who purchase a Christmas tree each season, you are among those who dread the next step. Putting on the lights. The clumsy, time consuming “family” activity is the punchline of many Christmas comedies and the dread of parents from coast to coast.

Sure, there are people who love the process. They are precise, ordered and careful folks for whom lighting the tree is a spiritual experience. For everyone else, there’s something new this year.

Tree Dazzlers are the compromise people who don’t want to wrap lights have been waiting for. Lights, but no wrapping. Simply drape, light and enjoy. The effect is a bit different, but the process only takes about five minutes from an open box to a lit tree.

TeleBrands, the company behind the product, is hoping their “curtain of lights” hits a chord with weary holiday celebrants who just want to curl up on the couch and watch Rudolph in the glow of lights … without all the stepladders, untangling and random cursing.

And, because simply draping lights might not be enough of an incentive to get folks to pay $40 for an alternative to something that costs about $10, Tree Dazzler brings the bling. Six different lighting combinations that turn amp up or tone down your holiday cheer to taste. Want to liven up your Christmas party, can do. Want an intimate moment in front of the fire.

There’s a setting for that too.

In case you were wondering, TeleBrands is also the company behind last year’s breakout product, Star Shower, which lit up entire houses rather than rooflines, with projected light, not strung lights. No more Clark Griswold falling off the roof. Merely plant the lights and plug them in. Viola!

TeleBrands expects to double sales of Star Shower this season and to sell out of Tree Dazzlers long before Santa comes down the chimney. The company hit on huge felt need – more time and less effort during the holiday season. People are busy, stressed and tired. They don’t want more work to do … work that saps the joy from the “most wonderful time of the year.”
While some consumers are apt to raise an eyebrow and call “Scrooge” on the whole deal, millions more are elated they can lighten up Christmas without all the work. TeleBrands knew their market, connected with their market and now they’re cashing in. Wonder what they’ll think of for next year?

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