Trump continues to ignore traditional media, banking on the strength of his brand

Throughout his record-breaking Presidential campaign, Donald Trump had a tumultuous relationship with the media. He used all the screen time he could get, but he constantly criticized, berated and slammed the media in general as well as specific networks and reporters in particular.

Now that he’s officially been elected, Trump seems intent on keeping this going. He is currently on what many are calling his “thank you” tour, and he’s managing to be one of the top stories in the news just about every single night … but he still has yet to hold a traditional press conference, something most incoming presidents have done within days of their election victory.

Sure, Trump’s visited with NY Times editors and reporters in what could be called a “blunt” exchange of ideas, but nothing like the traditional podium standups for the cameras.

Apparently learning very little from the campaign, pundits have come out strong in condemning Trump for this spurning of a traditional media relationship. But it’s hard not to wonder out loud what they expected.

Trump was never a media candidate. He played the media – especially TV – like an expert puppet master, taking his message directly to the people and still managing to make the news almost every night. Why should he start now?

In fairness, he did have a presser scheduled for December 15, which was abruptly canceled with no reason given. But, instead of wondering what’s happening and trying to adjust, many in the media are complaining – loudly – but not doing much to change their approach or understanding of the situation.

Things in the media have changed, dramatically and drastically. Yet, some in the traditional media don’t seem to see and understand this. Their expectations are immovable, and, in acting this out, they are playing right into the box Trump built for them throughout the campaign. He said they wanted it their way, and, at least on this issue, the media is saying just that. They wanted Trump’s rating, but now that he’s won, they want him back on their terms. That he has no intention of changing his style now is lost on no one … but the talking heads that just can’t seem to stop talking about it.

The big question now is whether they will actually figure out things have changed, but in a different way than they keep predicting … and if they will come to understand Trump on this … or if the animosity between the incoming President and the media will increase.

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