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After the pandemic, working from home will remain in some form. However, the idea behind a lot of trendy workplaces is that when people interact, they innovate. What happens to that idea when people shift towards working from home?

Companies like Twitter and Spotify have hinted that employees will have the option of working remotely full-time in future. The rapid shift to an entirely remote workforce in most organizations has left them scrambling to manage their newly remote teams and keep projects on track. Busch Light took this opportunity to redefine what working remotely truly means.

Busch Light has created a pop-up outdoor workspace in northern Colorado called TreeWork, which promises all the conveniences of an indoor coworking space but without the walls.

The amenities include a well-ventilated office space, Busch Light happy hours, Wi-Fi, campfires, and on-site grilling. For those who are working, if they want to be outside longer than their regular 9-5 hours, they can actually exchange blue light for starlight. They can camp under some of the most scenic night sky the country has to offer. This marks a way of positively breaking with business orthodoxy.

Remote work does blur boundaries between work life and personal life. Sometimes workers are happier and more productive working at home than they had been at traditional offices.

To increase productivity and employee satisfaction, the TreeWork area has a lake for kayaking and fishing breaks and hiking trails as well. There are also plenty of Adirondack chairs to sit on under the aspen trees. For inclement weather, there is also a well-ventilated shelter.

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This space utilizes the beauty of nature to create an environment that will hopefully alleviate stress and fatigue that have increased among workers due to the pandemic. This is a shared space that is truly remote.

The name TreeWork is an intended pun on coworking provider WeWork. There are also a number of spots for people interested in camping overnight. They will be provided with free food and drink. In this way the brand is positioning itself as the beer of the great outdoors, and it aims to provide value to its customers.