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Ronn Torossian blogs on brand PR and insights on being a top 25 US public relations firm. As an author, and as a public relations guru, Ronn Torossian expresses upon life as a public relations entrepreneur, brand PR, and on being CEO of the public relations agency 5WPR.

I had dinner tonight with the CMO and VP of Marketing of a Fortune 10 company – Literally, one of the largest companies in the world. They, naturally are in business with large PR firms and the nearly 3...
Since being humble has never been a strength of mine, this is something we at 5WPR take HUGE pride in. We secured the top celebrity product placement IN THE WORLD – SHILOH NOUVEL JOLIE PITT IS WEARING CLOTHES PLACED...
It seems like every article on Detroit lately has to mention how lousy the city is. Terms like “America’s Baghdad” and the “nation’s poorest” punctuate most business stories concerning Super Bowl XL’s host. It’s a shame, since Detroit leadership...

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