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Ronn Torossian heads a top 25 US public relations firm, and offers insights and ideas on successful public relations news, strategies, and goals.. Entrepreneur Ronn Torossian blogs on news, and on life as CEO of 5WPR, a dynamic public relations agency.

Technology is changing people's lives. The home and houseware industry is one area seeing major advancements. Smart home technology is making homes more connected, efficient, and convenient. From kitchen appliances to cleaning devices, technology is revolutionizing how people live...
Hollywood finds itself in a state of uncertainty as two major unions, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and SAG-AFTRA, are on strike, and there are no immediate plans for restarting negotiations. The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television...
Before Elon Musk's remarkable $44 billion acquisition of Twitter last year, the popular billionaire had already been discussing the concept of building an all-encompassing service that would be called X. Musk's vision for X was vast and undefined, showcasing...

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