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December is nearly through, and most of the country is now thinking about how they will spend their Christmas, and New Years holidays. There will be parties, and relatives, and friends, and fun. Then there will be a few days of recovery, and back to reality.

For most, that means returning to the grind somewhere around January 3rd. But, then there are taxes to consider, and business plans to tweak, and personal goals to set for the new year. There goes week one.

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5W Public Relations in New York, has a question for you: How would you like to get a head start on the competition in the next year? A week’s, perhaps even a month’s advantage over those who follow the traditional paradigm?

If that’s you, then pay attention, because Torossian didn’t get to be CEO of one of the fastest growing PR firms in the Big Apple by keeping up with his competition. He learned to beat them off the starting line, and stay ahead. Here’s how he made that happen in 5 perfectly simple PR steps.

#1 – List your priorities today

Most people sit down in the beginning of the year, and make a list of goals for the year. They may even sketch out a plan to accomplish those goals. But, they never think about where their priorities lie. And that, people, is what really drives us. We do what we choose to do. So, what will you choose? It’s better to know than to be surprised. Sit down today, and make a list of what is most important to you, top to bottom. This list will inform everything you do in the coming year, whether you realize it, or not. Take charge of your time.

#2 – Develop your PR message for the year

Forget your five year plan. What is your message for 2014? It needs to be precise, cutting edge, and concise. Your message must be one that others can understand, and commit to memory the FIRST time they hear it. That message should then flow through everything you do in the coming year.

#3 – Develop your monthly PR plan

Each month of the year has its own DNA, it’s own market flavor. How will you approach it? You need to consider this in advance. Don’t just rely on the same thing month in, and month out. That’s the lazy way. Think about each month’s particular challenges, and benefits, then craft your plan accordingly.

#4 – Identify the best times of year for your top campaigns

You should have at least four major campaigns planned for next year. Where will you put them, and when will you launch them? What products, or services will you promote, and to whom? Once you have these answers, match the campaigns up with the best time of year for them to be most successful.

#5 – Plan your day

The number one thing you must do if you wish to be successful is to plan your day. Not your DAYS … your DAY. You must grasp, and maintain control of your daily schedule, or you will never be who you could be … and your business will never be what it could be. Do not allow your customers, or your appointments to dictate your day. If you cannot control your days, you will never gain control of your life, or your business.


How will all of this help you get a leg up on your competition? Simple. Start now. Today. Do not wait for January 3rd. Do not wait to “make it through the holidays.” While all others are drifting, this is your time to work. Sure, you should take advantage of the holiday fun, and frivolity. But in the other hours of your day, do not coast like so many others choose to do.

Start 2014 at a run, not a stumble.


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