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5WPR News Segment Wins an Emmy for Outstanding Interpretation or Analysis of a Business News Story in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast

It is the evening of our holiday gathering and I am particularly proud of the 2006 business year. 5WPR continues to grow, on both coasts, and we are winning new consumer and corporate accounts from larger agencies, based purely on word of mouth and our concrete results.

In this business, results are often considered a gray area that agencies consistently have a hard time defining. For this reason, our executive team at 5WPR (Ronn Torossian and SVPs) puts tremendous pressure on our teams to deliver media for our clients on a daily and weekly basis, making sure our clients’ message make it into the right hands and that it resonates nationwide.

For one client that we have worked with for over a year, Wolfgang’s Vault, I am especially excited to announce that we just learned one of our segments won an Emmy for “Outstanding Interpretation or Analysis of a Business News Story in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast”.

Wolfgang’s Vault is the premier online shop for legendary music impresario, Bill Graham’s rock memorabilia. The company launched “Vault Radio” which streams previously unreleased audio recordings of rock legends for the first time in history.

5W Public Relations strategically capitalized on this momentous occasion to secure the first-ever walking tour of the 20,000 square foot “Vault” located in San Francisco, with one of the highest rated programs in the nation, CBS News Sunday Morning.

The ten minute feature included the history of Bill Graham dating back to the 1960’s up to the evolution of Bill Sagan, CEO of Wolfgang’s Vault who acquired Graham’s archives in 2003. Interwoven was commentary from Sagan, about the history and business of creating the largest online collection of rock, a walking tour highlighting some of the rarest documents, posters, prints and apparel from the archive, combined with authentic and previously unreleased audio and video clips, from renowned rockers such as Peter Frampton, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols and Red Hot Chili Peppers, to name a few.

The featured new broadcast produced not only millions of hits to our client’s Web site, www.wolfgangsvault.com, but we learned this past week the segment was awarded an Emmy, and I couldn’t be more honored for the reflection that plays on our work and our results as an agency.

Wolfgang’s Vault is just one of the many consumer lifestyle clients achieving marketable recognition under 5W Public Relations Consumer / Lifestyle division of New York and Los Angeles. I am proud because we are producing the type of results our clients can measure, and in both quality and quantity.

I am excited for what the year ahead will bring and I am grateful for the hard working PR professionals that choose to be a part of the 5W Team.

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