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There’s no doubt about it anymore. Social media is changing the game of public relations. Forget about one or two major mass media outlets, now the world is a hybrid of social interaction, advertising and public relations. The lines get fuzzier every day . . . and every day those fuzzy lines create both winners, and losers.

NY PR guru Ronn Torossian has some tips on how you, and your brand can succeed in the ever-changing, and tumultuous world of social media PR.

Keep it simple

Social media is, first and foremost, social. People aren’t out to accomplish anything too complicated when they scroll through their Facebook feed. To that end, your messaging must be compelling enough to get people to click, simple enough for them to digest quickly, and understandable enough for them to repeat it.

Make it widely appealing

While niches are important to marketing, social media needs wide appeal to be successful. You want people with a wide variety of interests to grab hold of your message and share it with others of equally diverse interests. To make this happen, your message must be appealing enough to share without being too boring or controversial. A fine line, indeed, but one you will have to walk if you want to achieve social media PR success.

Combine various media formats

The days where you could write something clever and shoot it out to the world are gone. Social media now requires a multi-media approach. From video to infographics to GIFs and gallery lists, people simply expect more than words on a screen. Give it to them, or someone else will. It’s really that simple.

Find common ground

The initial purpose of public relations is to CONNECT with that public. With that in mind, a solid PR campaign must meet people where they are and then take them along where you want them to go. Get this out of order, and you will end up with NOBODY on your bus.

Tell them, then tell them again

You don’t want to be redundant, but you want to drive home important points more than once. Again, that doesn’t mean repeating exactly the same words, but communicating the same ideas in various different ways. This will definitely come into play when you try to transcend from one form of media to another.

These public relations tips represent the new reality of a very ancient profession. While the world keeps turning, you have to turn with it. When things change, you have to be willing to adapt. Sure, your message may not change, but you should always be looking for a better way to get that message out.

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