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After spending 20 plus years in the Public Relations industry, it is always nice to sit back and reflect on the decisions that got me to where I am. This insight is very valuable to those beginning a career in PR in 2015, because they can seek answers to problems they do not have to go through. I wanted to lament several things that I believe will set you a part from your peers and help you excel within the industry. Here are my six secrets to success:

Stop Being Fake

Just get out there and do the right thing and be who you are. Make it natural. he right thing is not relative to whether or not you believe you have “what it takes” to make it. It’s all about seeing an issue and making the right decision.

Surround Yourself with Successful People

There is no better way to get the best opportunities than to be around the best people. Learn what they will teach you, and offer to help them in their tasks. In this way, you will learn more. Learn from the people you want to surpass.

Shut up and Listen

You are not perfect. Understand that and all it entails. Mistakes are not unforgivable. However, a lack of curiosity and an inability to take criticism definitely is. You will get nowhere if you cannot improve.

Take Sensible Risks

Don’t just leap off the ledge and hope you can fly. Look at where you might land, strap on the best flying device you have at your disposal, and THEN jump. In other words, be willing to take risks, but calculate the costs of both success and failure.

Prepare for Success

Nothing stings quite so bad as becoming overwhelmed with success, and having that screw up your career – and your life. Success can weigh you down. It can be suffocating and detrimental if you are not prepared for it. So, prepare. Watch and learn from people who are where you would like to be. Don’t let short-term success ruin your chances of long-term success.

Be Honest and Dependable

You might think this one is a no-brainer, but it wouldn’t be on the list if it didn’t bear saying. Far too many people play fast and loose with their commitments. Don’t be one of these people. Ever. For any reason.


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