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CEO for a top 25 US PR firm, Ronn Torossian is the successful owner of a public relations agency business. Ronn Torossian blogs on business and on what it means to be the successful entrepreneur of 5WPR.

Portland law enforcement officials have cleared former Vice President Al Gore in the sex assault case filed by a massage therapist. Owning a crisis PR agency, I’d like to share my views on what’s next for Gore? An acquittal in...
Some random musings after a brutally hot NYC summer weekend: ·        So, I went to see “Salt” this weekend and as much as I enjoyed watching Angelina Jolie, I found it to be an utterly unbelievable movie.  Yet, I cant...
Much different than BP, Toyota, Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods and Dell, Apple can better weather negative media and afford a PR crisis (if such a thing is possible).  Let’s keep things in perspective for Apple – The brand is...

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