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Ronn Torossian blogs on owning a PR firm, and on being the CEO of 5WPR, a top 25 US public relations company. PR firm entrepreneur, Ronn Torossian, offers goal-centered ideas and thoughts on public relations, and on running 5WPR.

It’s said that Public Relations professionals read the newspapers not to get the news, but to study angles and understand what stories are planted in newspapers by people with PR in mind. This morning reading The New York Times, the...
So… today’s a day to vent: 3 weeks ago to the day we received a call from a Fortune 1000 company who claimed an IMMEDIATE need for a new NYC PR firm. They were in town that day and had...
It has been a personally rewarding experience to watch the brightest and most ambitious young leaders and future PR pros from across the country interview for internships at 5WPR. So many of these kids are hungry and ready to...

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