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It’s such a simple  concept that it’s a wonder no one thought of it before. But, regardless, it took a while for anyone to release an app like Jelly. Developed by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Jelly was recently released to the public on both the iOS, and Android platforms.

To use the app, people simply take a picture of an object, anything really, then blast it out to Twitter and Facebook contacts to ask what it is.  While it may seem like it doesn’t offer a brand too much to work with, Ronn Torossian said many major brands are already experimenting with the brand promotion possibilities of Jelly. And, the NY-based PR guru said, they are seeing some interesting results.

One of the pioneers of the commercial applications for Jelly is General Electric. In a brilliant PR move, GE opened their Jelly interactions by asking people about their favorite scientists. In a social media world where Tesla, Tyson, Edison, and others are everywhere the interaction blazed like wildfire. People LOVED talking about their scientific heroes.

In addition, brands such as Toms Shoes, and Travelocity have jumped into the Jelly jar. The latter has its famous Roaming Gnome answering travel questions about places, people and things posted on Jelly. An ingenious connection to reinforce its brand.

Even news media company CNBC is jumping on the Jelly bandwagon, albeit with dubious results to date.

The lesson here, Torossian says, is that the potential for conversation starters using Jelly is almost endless. You can start conversations, use your mascots to continue them, or simply keep people guessing – read, “interacting” – with no end in sight.

Nothing like a little bit of open ended conversation to promote your brand.


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