For me, like any other entrepreneur out there – a day like thanksgiving is an annual reflection of any other day in our lives. I started my PR agency some eight years ago and I am so very thankful and blessed. Small businesses and the people who run them know the importance of any client, and any achievement that’s granted. We remind ourselves that we started from scratch building up to any given moment.

Entrepreneurs celebrate every single accomplishment as a milestone in the path to ultimate success. In my own personal experience, I have gone through many ups and downs – ALL of which has made me a better business man, parent and individual in my current phase of life. It is said that a successful person is simply someone who brings success to all that he does;  I see money as just one of the payoffs, but not the end goal.  Today, I am extending gratitude to almost anyone and everything that has impacted my life all the way to running a PR firm with remarkable colleagues, staff, clients, and friends.

Entrepreneurs as well as small business owners especially in our economy know for fact that it is only through positive thinking, affirmed and visualized vision, and a determined attitude – that they can reach the unprecedented achievement of creating and giving life to something that wasn’t there before. Whether it is a product, a unique way of servicing, an approach or a solution – the biggest gift we should be thankful for is the ability to serve other people.

I wish to reach out to entrepreneurs and small business owners who might endure the challenges and experience obstacles that make them think twice about their endeavors. The key to achievement lies in the celebration of minor triumphs every day. If it wasn’t for the celebration of the first client, the first office space, the first hire and the first feedback on a completed project – I wouldn’t have reached my new location, my 80th hire, and of course the fulfillment in serving our clients. Gratitude creates focus for the things you already have. It is a great habit for small business owners to see and be grateful to the already-obtained success – as minor as it may be. It is important to know the things you have. This will improve your focus skills overall, form a new perspective, and before you know it – your view will materialize every day in ongoing accomplishments.

This thanksgiving, I’d like to share the key convention with you: act as if you’ve already reached your desired success. Your day will look different and your year will be full of realized aspirations. Below I’ve included some of the things I am thankful for, as an entrepreneur of one of the 15 largest PR agencies in the US:
•       I thank G-d for the direction, divine wisdom, and my life
•       I am grateful for being surrounded by remarkable people, friends and colleagues who reassure and support me
•       I give sincere gratitude to my employees who are so devoted and share my passion and mission at work – and who have an invaluable and unquestionable role in getting us this far

•       I am thankful for my intriguing clients who put their trust and loyalty in my firm, thus allowing me to do what I do best, so they can do theirs

•       I love the fact that I am doing what I love and making a living out of it
•       I give gratitude to the fact that everything that I experienced helped build my character, skills and talents

•       I am so happy for meeting great people along the way who have inspired my work and life
•       I love New York and I am happy to be part of its nature and life
•       I am grateful to you, for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts, and I hope to meet with you soon
Happy Holidays.
Ronn Torossian



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