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So you have some big news to share? A press release is a great place to start. With so many outlets available for online distribution, both paid and free, as well as local options, it’s almost a necessary component to sharing any news with the public both locally and across the world. Use our tips below to make sure your press release stands out in a crowd.

Quote An Authority

Quote someone who is an authority to add a level of interest and third party credibility.

Use a Catchy Title

State the main event in the title but hint at the excitement and severity of the news. Without knowing the specific news or reason for writing a press release, it’s hard to give specific advice on what to make the title. Make yourself sound bigger than you are and don’t underestimate your accomplishments. Give yourself credit for your accomplishments.

Share Why/How it Benefits Your Audience

What’s in it for them? The average consumer or reader will want to know why your subject is important news. Chances are you were awarded something prestigious or are now offering new services to the public. Give them a reason to want to support you. If there’s no benefit to the public, offer an incentive or sale in celebration of your achievement. It’s another way to get people into the store and keep you on the top of their mind.

Keep it at the Perfect Length

Press releases have a tendency to sway on the side of being extremely brief or being way too long. Research and our experience shows that an ideal press release is about a page long, or about 500 words. It’s long enough to offer substantial content worth reading but short enough to ensure readers stay engaged and read all the way through.

Format it Professionally

Mimic the way the big guys do it. Have a title, a few sentences on the overall topic and then start the press release with the month, year and town/state of where the news occurred. Then have 4-7 shorter paragraphs of your news totaling to equal the perfect length formula. A disorganized press release accomplishes nothing and may actually make your business lose credibility from those looking to publish it.

Press releases can be a valuable source of gaining the traction you need to succeed and spreading the word regarding your services or awards. It puts your business one step closer to becoming a household name in your community or worldwide.

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