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We all get them, but how much thought do you put into the potential of push notifications to enhance or detract from your brand? Consider this: two of the most important dynamics in any brand relationship are number of connections and immediacy of action. Push notifications invite both increased connections and compelling reasons to take immediate action on a brand message.

Better still, when set up properly, the end user themselves is the one who invites the push notifications, whether it’s a reminder, a limited time offer, or a special deal for ‘insiders’ or ‘members.’

Of course, as with most technology, there is a flip side that can turn your business building connection into an annoyance that damages your brand. They key is finding the right mix of message and frequency that will engage your customers without aggravating them.

Shorter is Better

This is absolutely a fundamental rule for push notifications. They should not be lengthy missives. The sweet spot for length appears to be somewhere between 40 and 90 characters, depending on the message and the product. Experiment to see what length works best for your brand and your message, but here’s a general guideline: anything other than news posts and retail announcements should be kept under 50 characters, and, again, even news and retail notices should be less than 90.

Be Personal

It costs a little more, and it can be a little more complicated to set up, but personalizing the kind of push notification and the message in that notification can significantly increase click throughs and immediate responses. By some measures, even “basic personalization” can increase open rates from 9 to 10 percent. That’s huge in the world of digital advertising.

Smile Big

Researchers found that using emojis in your messages can increase the open rate by up to 70 percent. People just tend to smile and react more quickly – and in a more positive way – when they see that friendly emoji smiling up at them. There’s also the graphic factor. Plain text tends to get lost in all the screen time the average person now engages in. Bright graphics, like emojis, grab their attention faster and hold it longer.

What Works Best

So, what kinds of products and messages work best when distilled into a push notification? Coupons and other deals are, unsurprisingly, at the top of the list for conversations, followed by event invites and education or information offers. Other potentially profitable categories include professional services offered, travel stories, and breaking news. If your content fits in one of these categories, you may be losing out on a potentially positive connection if you don’t give push notifications a try.


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