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According to Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, there are several public relations strategies that can play a dominant role if businesses want to attain greater success. Some of these have already played huge parts, but there are others that need to be focused on even more.

#1 – Keep it simple, keep it clean

With so many places to roam around on the internet, some users may feel overwhelmed by the massive amount of information available. They do not want to wade through extraneous information. They only want to know what is important, and relevant to them, and they want it fast. Therefore, there needs to be a shift from writing en masse, to writing in concise, and useful form. The most successful content will be able to be reviewed, and absorbed in the least amount of time. Campaign messages that are toned down, informative, and catchy are the latest tools that are proven winners.

#2 – Make your content and websites mobile friendly

The number of people using smartphones grows everyday. Because of this, there is an increased need of making sure that everyone’s favorite websites are mobile adaptable. If your content is not mobile friendly, people who don’t own a laptop, or desktop, may not be able to interact with your site in the way you want them to, losing them to a site that does. Because smartphones, and tablets use touch surfaces, websites need to be optimized for this interaction, or offer a mobile site that is.

#3 – Targeting potential customers, again and again

Shockingly, a very small percentage of customers, somewhere around 2%, buy services, or products on their first visit. The remaining 98% are fair game for competitors, until they click, “Buy”.  Making sure that people are reminded continuously about the services, or products they found online, through consistent ad placement, is one subtle way to get them to become customers, rather than potential customers.  Seeing the brand, or products plastered on just about every other page, establishes an image that the brand is trusted, and ubiquitous.

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