memorial day marketing

Memorial Day is a holiday dedicated to the remembrance of the sacrifice that members of the armed forces make for the well-being of their country. While the purpose of a business is to make money for their owners, remembering the sacrifice that members of the military make is not only a noble course of action, but also one that can make money for a business through increased brand awareness. While a company should never lose sight of members of the armed services, they can do so while making money in the process and developing improved brand recognition.

One example of how brands improve brand recognition on Memorial Day is through sponsoring a Memorial Day parade. These parades are often televised and reported on and the brand recognition and goodwill that is obtained by doing so often goes a long way towards improving brand recognition. If a business is smaller in size, then a large Memorial Day parade may be beyond the reach of the business. Instead, search for local parades or events in the community that you sell in as a way of building up goodwill in the local community and sponsoring a worthwhile event.

Beyond parades, a business may wish to sponsor a veteran centered charity or organization as a way of supporting members of the armed forces. This is best done not during Memorial Day weekend but rather at some other part of the year. Then, once Memorial Day weekend approaches, having an article written on the work that your business does with these groups will often lead to additional brand recognition. Local and national news organizations often look to publish these articles during Memorial Day weekend which can further the positive goodwill that your organization can obtain during the weekend.

Another option is for your business to host an event for veterans during the weekend. An option is a Memorial Day barbecue in a public setting that provides free foods and souvenirs to veterans, and coupons and other information regarding your business. If the cost of hosting an event is beyond the scale of your business, a booth at a parade or preexisting event will often be a way of promoting the armed forces and your business at the same time.

Memorial Day weekend is a time to remember the armed forces and the sacrifices they make towards defending the country, but it is also a time of opportunity for a business. By promoting the armed forces using the methods mentioned above, a company can gain positive goodwill and help to expand their brand recognition.


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