It has been a personally rewarding experience to watch the brightest and most ambitious young leaders and future PR pros from across the country interview for internships at 5WPR. So many of these kids are hungry and ready to succeed – it’s a similar energy that we foster here at 5W.

I am very proud that we have developed one of the most competitive and highly sought after internship programs in the PR industry. Many prospective interns came to our office telling us that their professors or friends in the field advised them to apply here. The success of our internship program is predicated on the same philosophy that led to the unprecedented growth and success of 5WPR. That is, we always encourage our interns to work harder, to be aggressive, and to take on and appreciate greater responsibility.

Unlike many other companies, an internship at 5WPR is not about getting your boss a cup of coffee. Rather, we’ve fostered an environment where our interns will learn, practice, and execute the fundamental skills required in the public relations industry.

While I cannot stress enough the importance of a formal education, in many ways, we’ve geared our internship program at my company to create a “secondary education” for our interns so that they can learn firsthand about all facets of the public relations industry. We believe that interns are part of the workplace and that all great companies must understand how to tactfully combine their corporate objectives with the goals and interests of the interns themselves.

5WPR has developed a reputation throughout the PR industry for representing hungry, passionate, and relentlessly driven clients. The best way to cater to this type A personality is to imbue our company with an intense energy that starts with our interns and moves upward to the corner offices.

I look forward to meeting each of the 14 interns who are currently working at our NY office this summer. Furthermore, I’d like to dispel the rumor that we never hire our interns for PR Jobs – over the past few months, we’ve hired eight as junior associates.

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