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In the latest case of WOW do I love my job, the “Man Aisle” was the brainchild of the 5WPR Westside Market account team and CEO, George Zoitas and COO, Ian Joskowitz of Westside Market NYC.

Westside Market NYC is deeply engrained in the fabric of Manhattan’s Upper West Side —  it’s a family business with supermarkets all over the Tri-State area. They created the first ever “man aisle” in a supermarket. The idea was spawned by a study that showed 31% of males were doing the household grocery shopping – up from 14% in 1985. The original idea was to create something for the ordinary man who simply wanted to get his essential items and get in and out of the supermarket quickly. This thought then turned into the idea of a centralized location for all things a man would need….and the “Man Aisle” was born.

Guys don’t like taking lists when they go shopping – and the “aisle” has all the essentials including deodorant, chips, shaving cream, beer, and bottled water.

The exclusive to the story was given to the NY Post which ran on Thursday, July 26 and then snowballed into a media frenzy. The results were huge and have so far led mass coverage from ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, Live with Kelly, The Today Show, TIME Magazine, FOX National News, New York Times, LA Times, Huffington Post, Yahoo! News, CNN America Live with Megyn Kelly, FOX and Friends, FOX Business, CNN Newsroom. CNN Headline News, NPR, 1010 WINS, CBS 880, CBS News Network Radio, ALL NY Food Blogs, Globe and Mail, Taxi Cab Television, ALL local NY FOX, ABC, NBC. CBS affiliates and the list goes on and on and on….

And we are proud to serve as their PR Agency of record.  “Thanks to our team and great client” Ronn Torossian

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