Public relations successes may not be as popular, or “sexy” as the “fail” stories, but they are every bit as important to your PR success. Ronn Torossian reveals 3 steps to PR success, and what you can apply in your business to achieve similar results.

Refresh Your Content Writing

Everybody who owns a website today knows that they need content to keep their website fresh, and inviting. A website without appropriate content will certainly be considered stale, and inefficient at helping people. Companies, and organizations are now hiring an increasing number of people to create content for their companies, or businesses. This content needs to be current, and above all, should be able to quickly and efficiently guide people to where they need to be. The fact is, content that is meaningful will prompt people to visit the website, again and again, ensuring a loyal fan base. Spicing up your content with pictures and videos will be the most efficient way of making sure that you get your message across to your customers. Pictures, movies, and audio clips help to relate the content to real life scenarios, in a better way. Using small videos, instead of pictures, is another way of getting your idea across. You can narrate your ideas, and all that you believe in, in a short video. But make sure that the video is engaging, or it will surely be ignored.

Make Sure you Perform AD Retargeting

AD targeting is a relatively new strategy that needs to be employed on a large scale to achieve measurable results. When a user views the product details of a singular item on any website, or reads about services, the search engine will display advertisements of those products, or similar ones, on other pages that the user visits. This helps to reinforce the names of products that are similar to ones they were looking for. The idea behind this strategy is that if the user is reminded enough, he will eventually give that product a much more thorough consideration. This strategy has proven successful through psychological studies, and has a promising future.

Websites Need to have a Mobile Adapted Version

There is a massive surge in the number of people who own smartphones and tablets. This has prompted the introduction of mobile versions of websites. Using the internet on a mobile phone is more convenient to much of the population and if websites do not have their mobile versions up and running, then potential clients will never see those websites. Mobile versions also need to be well adapted for touch screens, as tablet use is on the rise.

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